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3662 Body vibes: (S)pacing the performance in Lillian Allen's dub poetry
• Bucknor, Michael
5308 Staging seduction: Masculine performance or the art of sex in Colin Channer's reggae romance Waiting in Vain?
• Bucknor, Michael
3580 ''Musical communion' - A personal meditation': A review of the Don Drummond concert
• Bucknor, Michael
3359 The Caribbean and Canadian literature
• Bucknor, Michael
5296 Writing performance criticism
• Bucknor, Michael
5101 Voices under the window' of representation : Austin Clarke's poetics of (body)-memory in The Meeting Point
• Bucknor, Michael
984 Mudbound in memory: Shifting sand or solid rock? - Postcolonial enquiries in M. G. Vassanji's The Gunny Sack
• Bucknor, Michael
6672 Clarke, Austin
• Bucknor, Michael
7472 Introduction: Rooting and Routing Caribbean-Canadian writing
• Bucknor, Michael A.
• Coleman, Dani
7667 Sounding off: Performing ritual revolt in Olive Seniorís Gardening in the Tropics.
• Bucknor, Michae