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1050 Concepts of Professionalism among Prospective Teachers in Jamaica
• Collins-Figueroa, Marceline L
• Down, C.
• Hordatt-Gentles, Carol C.
• Newman, V.
• Davis-Morrison, Vileitha
993474 Education for Active Citizenry: Learning from Life History
• Davis-Morrison, Vileitha D
996039 Teaching Life Skills-Based Health and Family Life Education: A Sustainable Approach to Education
• Davis-Morrison, Vileitha D
993120 Round Table Discussion, Reflections; Health and Family Life Education
• Davis-Morrison, Vileitha D .
992984 Changing Concepts of Professionalism among Beginning Teachers in Jamaica
• Hordatt Gentles, Carol C
• Down, Lorna O.
• Collins-Figueroa, Marceline L..
• Newman, Mairette
5449 Citizenship education and the reform of the primary teacher education social studies curriculum in Jamaica
• Davis-Morrison, Vileit
5450 The revised Jamaican teacher education curriculum: Stakeholders' response to language arts and social studies components
• Davis-Morrison, Vileitha
• Lambert Clement T.
5484 Educating for values, attitudes and character development : Policy and practice in the formal curriculum in social studies and history
• Davis-Morrison, Vileitha
• McCallum, Di
5433 The place of HIV/AIDS in the teachers college curriculum: Challenges and possibilities
• Davis-Morrison, Vileit