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993076 Digital preservation of the Cousins Hereward Postcard and the West Indian Journey of a 1961 Undergraduate Collections at the Mona Library, University of the West Indies, Jamaica
• Kerr-Campbell, Maure
993375 The West Indian Journey of the University College (UCWI) Undergraduates in 1961.
• Kerr-Campbell, Mauree
5504 Accessibility of compact discs in the Mona libraries
• Kerr-Campbell, Maureen
• McCallum, Jan
5183 Evolution of a new specie
• Kerr-Campbell, Maure
7150 Using technology to increase access to valuable resources: Experience with digitization at the University of the West Indies Library, Mona, Jamaica
• Kerr-Campbell, Maure
7027 Patient care: Is interpersonal trust missing?
• Bourne, Paul A.
• Francis, Cynthia G.
• Kerr-Campbell, Maureen