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7839 Modernising Local Government by Fragmentation: Lessons From The Portmore Municipal Experiment - Jamaica
• Schoburgh, Eris
993170 Top-down, Bottom-up or a Synthesis? An exploration of Implementation Theory and Public Sector Reform Practice: The Case of Jamaica
• Schoburgh, Er
7858 Local Government and Local Development: Bridging the Gap through Critical Discourse: Evidence from the Commonwealth Caribbean .
• Schoburgh, Eris
7859 Democratic Decentralisation in the Commonwealth Caribbean: Is there a Case for New Roles and Relationships?
• Schoburgh, Eris D.
• Ragoonath, Bish
8037 Informal Citizenship’ – Conceptualizing expressions of freedom in contemporary developing societies.
• Schoburgh, Eri
7273 Local Government reform in Jamaica and Trinidad: A Policy Dilemma
• Schoburgh, Eris
8059 Balancing democratic governance, populism and patronage via popularly elected mayor: The case of Jamaica.
• Schoburgh, Er
7826 Paradigm Shift or Rhetorical Flourish? The ‘New Orthodoxy’ of Local Governance in the Caribbean.
• Schoburgh, Er
7828 Does local government have capacity for enabling local economic development? Lessons from Jamaica
• Schoburgh, Eris