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189 Sustainable development and the Caribbean: Geographical perspectives
• LLoyd Evans, Sally
• McGregor, D. F. M.
• Barker, Dav
190 A geographical focus for environment and development in the Caribbean
• McGregor, D. F. M
• Barker, Dav
7128 The role and value of local knowledge in Jamaican agriculture: adaptation and change in small-scale farming
• Beckford, Carl
• Barker, Dav
7545 Plastic yam and plastic yam stickes - perspectives on indigenous technical knowledge among Jamaican farmers
• Barker, David
• Beckford, Ca
3087 A brief history of geographical times
• Barker, Dav
7431 Land policy in Jamaica in the decade after Agenda 21
• Barker, David
• Miller, Learie
4235 Environment, resources, and development: Some reflections on the Caribbean research agenda
• McGregor, Duncan
• Barker, Dav
4236 Yam production and the yam stick trade in Jamaica: Integrated problems for resource management
• Barker, David
• Beckford, Clint
6428 Finding sustainable ways of staking yams and sourcing yam sticks in Jamaica: An environmental and economic imperative
• Barker, David
• Beckford, Clinton
528 The changing distribution of sugar plantations in Jamaica
• Satchell, Veront
3072 Sustainable development and the Caribbean: Geographical perspectives
• Evans, Sally
• McGregor, Duncan
• Barker, Dav
3073 Yam farmers on the forest edge of Cockpit Country: Aspects of resource use and sustainability
• Barker, Dav
3074 Invasion of the Cockpits: Patterns of encroachment into the wet limestone rainforest of Cockpit Country, Jamaica
• Miller, David
129 Farming on the fringe: Small scale agriculture on the edge of the Cockpit Country
• Barker, David
• Miller, David,
3048 Geography in the Caribbean classroom: The north-east trades and temperature inversions: Notes for the classroom
• Barker, Dav
159 Dualism and disasters on a tropical island: Constraints on agricultural development in Jamaica
• Barker, Dav
7185 Field surveys and inventories
• Barker, Dav