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7863 IASL Conferences: An Evaluation of the Attendance Pattern of Participants 1998-2010
• Stewart, Paulette
7864 Re-positioning Library and Information Science (LIS) Education in the Caribbean: Trends and Developments
• Stewart, Paulette
7866 Media and Information Literacy Dialogue at the University of the West Indies
• Stewart, Paulette L
• Bravo, Oliv
996012 Synchronous and Asynchronous Tools Optimizing Online Learning in the English-Speaking Caribbean
• Stewart, Paulett
7867 Educating School Librarians in the English-speaking Caribbean: The case of The Department of Library and Information Studies
• Stewart, Paulette
6713 How to enhance students' information literacy skills
• Stewart, Paulet
6714 The Library and Information Association of Jamaica - Schools Section National Forum on School Libraries
• Stewart, Paulet
996007 Going Against the Norm: Modernizing the Delivery of Library School Education to Increase Enrolment
• Stewart, Paulet
7868 Benefits, challenges and proposed future directions for the International Association of School Librarianship Annual Conference
• Stewart, Paulette