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993585 Using Integrated Assessment to develop Policy Options: Trade, Land Use and Biodiversity a case study of the sugar industry in Jamaica
• Clayton, Anthony M.
• K'nife, K'adamawe A.
• Spencer, Andrew
993403 Measuring Sustainability and Effectiveness of Social Value Creation by Social Sector Actors/Social Enterprises Within Developing Countries
• K’nife, K'adamawe A.
• Haughton, Andre Y.
• Dixon, Edward
992910 Correlates of Gender and Credit Behaviour in Small Firms: Evidence from Small, Developing Economies
• Williams, Densil A
• K'nIfe, K'adamawe
993142 Social Entrepreneurship reducing crime and improving the perception of police performance within developing countries
• Haughton, Andre Y.
• KnIfe, K'adamawe