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367 Requiem for English in an 'English-speaking' community : The case of Jamaica
• Shields-Brodber, Kathryn
7699 Why bother with a patois Bible?
• Shields Brodber, Kathryn
376 Old skeleton, new skin: The relationship between open syllable structure and consonant clusters in Standard Jamaican English
• Shields-Brodber, Kathryn
379 The media and the demise of Standard English in Jamaica: Or where have our trusty English Language models gone?
• Shields -Brodber, Kathryn
3747 Hens can crow too: The female voice of authority on air in Jamaica
• Shields-Brodber, Kathryn
7173 Is the Pain in Your Belly Bottom? Extending the boundaries of Jamaican Creole to Non-Native Users
• Shields-Brodber, Kathryn
5457 A Riizn wi a riizn: Nation language and media discourse in contemporary Jamaica
• Shields-Brodber, Kathryn
3730 Crowing hens are not aberrant: Gender, culture and performance conversation: A Jamaican perspective
• Shields-Brodber, Kathryn
3755 Contrapuntal conversation and the performance floor
• Shields-Brodber, Kathryn