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7447 Difference in cardiovascular disease risk profile and osteoporosis in Jamaican black women with surgical and natural menopause.
• Fletcher, Horace M.
• Mitchell, Sharmaine Y.
• Bennett, Franklyn I.
• Simms-Stewart, Donnette A.
• Scott, Paul W.
• Reid, Marvin E.
• Williams, Nadia P.
• Wharfe, Gilian H.
• Wilks, Rainford
7515 A review of gestational trophoblastic disease at the University Hospital of the West Indies during the years 2002-2005 and a comparison with the data for the years 1994-1998.
• Simms-Stewart, Donnette A.
• Ennis, A..
• Bambury, Ian G.
• Williams, Nadia P.
• Fletcher, Horace
6765 Postmenopausal uterine inversion treated by subtotal hysterectomy
• Simms-Stewart, D.
• Frederick, S.
• Fletcher, H.
• Char, G.
• Mitchell, S
8067 Maternal morbidity and mortality associated with mode of delivery in women with sickle cell anaema compared to women with haemoglobin AA genotype.
• Allen-Dais, W.
• Thame, Minerva M
• Reid, Marvin E.
• Serjeant, G.
• Simms-Stewart, Donnette