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995588 Wii Fit Plus exercise training for persons with cardiac disease
• Nelson, Gail A
• McNaught-Mitchell, Micaela
• Roopchand-Martin, Sharmella C
• Gordon, Carron
995456 The effect of an XBOX Kinect dance intervention on the affect of sedentary university students
• Gibson, Raquel
• Roopchand-Martin, Sharmella
• Mason, Gilli
995465 Is the Wii Fit free run activity a feasible mode of exercise for regular exercisers? A comparison with treadmill running
• Roopchand-Martin, Sharmella C.
• Nelson, Gail
995494 Sex Differences Sleep- Related Practices, Beliefs and Attitudes of University Students in Jamaica
• Roopchand-Martin, Sharmella C
• Seixas, A
• Jean-Louis, G
• Zizi, F
• Carrazco, N
• Alfonso-Miller, P
• Gardner, Michael