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995707 Single Adult human Equivalent Dose of Intramuscular Chloroquine did not Lower Blood Glucose Level in Fasted Wistar Rats
• Ejebe, D. E
• Esume, C. O
• Nwokocha, Chukuemeka. R
• Kagbo, H. D
• Okolo, A.
995655 Effect of ATP-sensitive potassium channel inhibition on the vasorelaxant response to ketamine in diabetes mellitus
• Facey, Joan
• Young, Leonette
• Nwokocha, Chukuemeka
995654 Treatment of Rats with Apocynin Has Considerable Inhibitory Effects on Arylamine N-Acetyltransferase Activity in the Liver
• Francis, Sheena M
• Laurieri, Nicola
• Nwokocha, Chukwuemeka
• Delgoda, Theja
995659 Olanzapine-induced attenuation of the contracted isolated rat detrusor muscle strip
• Morris, Michelle
• Gossell-Williams, Maxine
• Nwokocho, Chukwuemeka.
995603 Inhibition of cytochrome P450 1 enzymes by apocynin and other Jamaican natural products: Assessing potential for chemoprevention and drug-herb interactions
• Francis, Sheena
• Nwokocha, Chukwuemeka .R
• Delgoda, Thejan
995662 Synchronization in the Heart Rate and the Vasomotion in Rat Aorta: Effect of Arsenic Trioxide
• Cifuentes, Fredi
• Palacios, Javier
• Nwokocha, Chukwuemeka R
• Pardo, Fabian
• Sobrevia, Lu
995550 Hypotensive and antihypertensive effects of a hydroalcoholic extract from Senecio nutans Sch. Bip. (Compositae) in mice: Chronotropic and negative inotropic effect, a nifedipinelike action
• Cifuentes, Fredi
• Paredes, Adrian
• Palacios, Javier
• Muņoz, Fernando
• Carvajal, Lorena
• Nwokocha, Chukwuemeka R
• Morales, Glau