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3604 L'infanticide devant la cour d'assises du cantal au XIXe siecle
• Dalby, Jonathan
5438 Buckra justice: Judges, Juries, and the working of the court system in post-emancipation Jamaica
• Dalby, Jonath
416 'L'infanticide dans le Cantal au XIXe siecle: ses origines structurelles et ses mobiles
• Dalby, Jonath
6563 From St.Ann's Bay in 1826 to Montego Bay in 1902: The pattern of riots in nineteeth century Jamaica
• Dalby, Jonath
7649 An epidemic of sexual deviance?: Sex offences and their prosecution in post-emancipation Jamaica.
• Dalby, Jonath
405 Women and infanticide in nineteenth-century rural France
• Dalby, Jonath
7677 Counted but not discounted? Female criminality in nineteenth-century Jamaica.
• Dalby, Jonatha