DETAILS OF MEMBERSHIP OF Association of Certified Chartered Accountants
Dorothy Alexander-Smith

Joan Broughton

Audit Manager Management Audit Centre Administrative
Keriene Collins-Salmon

Senior Auditor Management Audit Centre Administrative
William Corry

Jenifer Daley

Elsie DeLisser

Joy Dickenson

Manager Office of Student Financing Mona Campus Administrative
Marlene Duncan-Morant

Auditor Management Audit Centre Administrative
Patricia Harrison

Mabel Marsh

Retiree (C) Centre Retiree Affiliated Institutions
Clive McLean

Divisional Manager Bursary - Fin Analysis & Repor Mona Campus Administrative
Andrea McNish

Deputy Chief Financial Officer Office of Finance Centre Administrative
Ruel Nelson

Manager Bursary - Billings & Collect Mona Campus Administrative
Maxine Ranger

Elaine Robinson

Campus Bursar Bursary - Office Campus Bursar Mona Campus Administrative
Errol Stewart