DETAILS OF MEMBERSHIP OF Organisational Membership
Althea Anderson

Valerie Anderson

Fitzroy Baptiste

Dalea Bean

Assistant Lecturer Centre for Gender & Dev Std-RC Centre Administrative
Yvonne Blagrove Smith

Hyacinth Brown

Part-time Senior Lecturer FHE - Library & Inform Studies Fac. of Humanities & Education
Donna Chin-Fatt

Patrick Dawkins

Joseph Farquharson

Janet Findley

Shannette Geohagen

Part-time Lecturer FHE - Educational Studies Fac. of Humanities & Education
Delroy Granston

Valrie Grant-Harry

Fritz Guldner

Barrie Hanchard

Senior Lecturer FMS - Pathology (Anatomical) Faculty of Medical Sciences
Dorothy Hewitt

Lloyd Holmes

Jacqueline Howell

Beverley Josephs

Aya Kondo

Shirley Laidlaw

Marilyn Lawrence-Wright

Lecturer FMS - Medicine Faculty of Medical Sciences
Jennifer Lovelace

Senior Project Officer II Office of the University CIO Centre Administrative
Harold Malcolm

Part-time Senior Lecturer Faculty of Law Mona Campus Administrative
Marva Marrett

Gerrard McDaniel

Sharon Melbourne

Nadine Molloy

Byron Palmer

Senior Librarian NMLS -Norman Manley Law School Affiliated Institutions
Doreen Parris

Joseph Pereira

Consultant Office of the Deputy Principal Mona Campus Administrative
Elsie Thompson

Ivan Vickers

Lecturer FMS - Microbiology Faculty of Medical Sciences
Valerie Virgo

Part-time Lecturer FHE - Educational Studies Fac. of Humanities & Education
Jeffrey Von Kuster

Max Wellington

Derrick Wilson

Maureen Wilson

Kay Xuereb